Maid Of Honor Wedding Speech Jokes

Published: 15th January 2010
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The maid of honor speech also called the Bridesmaid or even the Matron of Honor, pursue after the speech from the best man. As a maid of honor, you are either relative or a good friend of the bride. Maids of honor thus often get a chance to speak at weddings.

When giving a speech as a maid of honor speech, you have to realize that the audience has to listen to a lot of wedding speeches before and after you so don't drag your speech too long and keep it brief.

Maid of honor speech should not be unnecessarily lengthy yet it should be well fitted. Maid of honor speech is destined to be empathetic and zealous. The most important thing to remember is that your wedding maid of honor speech topics should be from your heart. It is best to just be your self.

Remember that your role is to support the bride and not to criticize her in any way. Avoid saying he's sexy instead you can say he's a good catch and will be a great husband.

Maid of honor speech jokes are almost indispensable for any successful speech. But make certain that the wedding maid of honor speech jokes do not humiliate anyone in particular. You are allowed to reasonably make fun of the groomsmen but not the relatives of the bride.

You have to remember the criteria of the jokes for instance Jokes about you getting or not getting married next are tolerable but jokes about the bride divorcing the groom are not.

If you desire to offer a speech that will touch the hearts of all the guests, then a great maid of honor speech can definitely use some humor. It should reflect bride's point of view as people have already heard about groom's view.

The jokes should be appropriate for the occasion. Definitely a joke can be a great way to get everyone laughing. Avoid politics, sex and religious topics. Choose a joke that nobody will object to and instead enjoy. A joke is most effective when it is effortless to understand so make your joke simple.

The best way to make your joke understandable by all is to think of some stories from the times before the wedding when you and the bride were the best of friends, how your friendship flourished and the ridiculous things you both cherished.

It is crucial to add in flavor of humor and make maid of honor speech funny. Audience will not show interest if you are boring or have just copied it from anywhere for the sake that you have to do it. Undoubtedly the best speech is one that merges humor with sentimental moments. If your speech has excess of sentiments then you'll have guests crying instead of enjoying in their beer here comes the role of lighthearted humor can balance it out. On the other hand having too many jokes or if your speech is composed entirely of jokes then also it not appropriate and can steal the soul of the speech so add in a few sober and sentimental moments. It is wise to go for funny, but be precautious and gentle.

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