Maid Of Honor Speech Jokes

Published: 29th January 2010
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Marriage is an auspicious occasion and memorable event. The maid of honor speech also called the Bridesmaid or even the Matron of Honor, pursue after the speech from the best man. When giving a speech as a maid of honor speech, you have to realize that the audience has to listen to a lot of wedding speeches before and after you so don't drag your speech too long and keep it brief.

Maid of honor speech should not be unnecessarily lengthy yet it should be well fitted. Wedding maid of honor speech is destined to be compassionate and passionate.

The most important thing to remember is that your Maid of Honor wedding speech topics should be from your heart. If you are comic then its fine that you use jokes in a effective manner and create an atmosphere but if you are not comic sort of a person then never pretend to be so. In this condition the best is just be your self. Make certain that the jokes do not humiliate anyone in particular.

It is advisable to write a personal Maid of Honor wedding speech, but it should not be too personal. It is crucial to write a personal maid of honor speech so it does not jingle like you copied something off of the internet. There are lot about ideas and tips for maid of honor speech and there is no harm to get the ideas from the internet but generate some individual comments or stories as well to make the moment unmemorable. This will assist to prove that you care for the bride and couple in large and actually put time into your speech.

Your wedding maid of honor speech should reflect wholehearted and genuine comments and greetings about the couple, but don't make a mountain out of a molehill. Try to use female point of view. The guests have heard the groom's tale already before you start. It is anticipated that you will make positive statement about the bride and the other girls in the room!

In nutshell you should be witty enough to praise the bride, applaud the bridal couple, and tease and pull bride's leg a little.

One thing you should completely abstain from pessimistic or gloomy speech topics and do not include sex, politics or religion.

It is quite obvious that one may be nervous enough prior to the speech. So to reduce it you can write some key words or key points on note cards which will help you to follow along as you present your speech. Remember to relax and enjoy the wedding.

The Bridesmaid is expected to stay at the wedding reception until all the main events like dance, cake served, pictures, thank you's are done. If situation necessitate you to leave earlier, then let the bride-to-be know in prior so there is no hope to stay later and there is no fuss.

Wedding are blissful event and maid of honor speech is a chance for you to show your love and care for the bride. So make this day immortal with confidence and the perfect speech.

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